Two of You

I’m just so distraught

I fight, I fought

This demon destiny

That separates you and me


I just wanna touch your skin

Wanna know you from within

I want to taste your lips

In an everlasting kiss


Let me lay my ear on your chest

To hear your heart beat

I wanna feel your heat

To feel complete


You don’t know what you put me through

I want… I want two of you


You’re the cream of the crop

A movie sequel that doesn’t flop

A reflective dream

In a symbolic stream


I want to give you what I can

Be your only number one fan

My love for you is no mystery

I’ll scream to the world my misery


Tell me what would you have best?

Hopefully let it be me

I’ll love you sun and sleet

Every day and every week


You have no clue

What you put me through


I want two of you