So Good (The Biggest Compliment)

You look good in white

You look good in black

I told you I love you

And I wouldn’t take it back


You look good in blue jeans

You look so good in a skirt

Seeing Eye candy like you

Makes my jaw hurt


‘Cause you should realize

How hot you are

When I tell you

You should take it to the heart


You should listen to

What people say

You fit in those clothes

In the only special way


You look good in flip-flops

You look damn good in heels

And when you wear what I like

God I wish you knew how I feel


You look good in ponytails

You look hot with hair straight down

You’re the best thing, yeah I said it

The best thing in this lousy town


Do you realize

How many stare?

You’ve got glamour

You’ve got that flair


You should see

What I see

You fit in those clothes

So perfectly


You look good with black mascara

You look delicious with eye shadow

I want you here, I want you now

You’re the prettiest flower in the meadow


You look good in lavender lipstick

You look great in lip gloss

Oh when you’re gone

I feel a terrible loss


Have you realized

You’ve got the most amazing gaze

The sun is dimmed by those so perfect eyes

When you look at me my heart’s set ablaze


You should see you’re all I need

If you could know

How special you are in those clothes

You mean so much, don’t ever go


And you look so good