Red Eye

The hour is late or is it early?

I can’t think straight the TV talks to me.

Where are you, where will you be it asks

Me? Am I supposed to answer? Am I

Suppose to know, am I suppose to give a fuck…

Just tell me what to do I’ll do I’ll fly if the sky keeps me

If the sea drinks me I’ll swim if the earth will cover my skin

I’ll sleep… maybe now… forever?

Sounds easy, the end, but late nite speaks and first I need a beginning

And the middle to get to the… end

Takes me back, to what? The clock ticks yes the TV hisses and the mind tears out my eyes

FUCK. the heart pulls me from what I want to do to what I really want to do

And not enough life to do it all. Just a measly quarter kid take it and make a million

But I’ve spent it on some bubble gum and it lost its flavor fast. Can I try again?

Sleep sounds good but it’s just a sound the red eye is a wake up call to say

I’m doing it all wrong or right it makes no judgments.

This path is mine and the time I lose is the consequence

Of what I choose.

The hour is half full or is it early?

The end justifies the means and I wake up tomorrow afternoon

One day closer to the end.