Memento Mori

I held a flower in my hand

The skin of its petal silky soft and damp.

I looked at the ground from where it came

The soil was mud from the morning rain.


Its life is short and so is mine.

I thought of this as I plucked its vine.

I thought of this as I kicked the sand.

Holding that beautiful flower in my hand.


I think of life and its meaning

And I feel its love, I’m seeing.

Ash to ash and dust to dust,

Carpe diem so we must.


If I stood here with flower for years

Lost in thought allied with fears,

I’d see the petals wilt away

And I’d long for those wasted days.


Cherry blossoms chrysanthemums,

The colors of the world all run

Together to create something new.

Together to create the perfect view.


The sun and sea where they meet,

Is life and death for everything.

Memento mori.

Love Story

The first day …


There’s a girl I met

And I won’t forget

How we laughed and talked

About love and regret.


We looked into each others eyes

And let the moment pass us by.


The next day …


I saw her with flipped out hair

In heels and a hot black dress.

Said hello with charm and zest

And said goodbye with utmost care.


I said “I’d like to see you sometime”

And waited for the right reply.

Then she said that’d be fine.


Three days later …


So it may seem

I met the girl of my dreams.

We talked and laughed

Over mac and cheese.


At home that night

I could not think right.

Moments circled my mind.

In them I was confined.


One month later …


We walked hand in hand

On a beautiful sunny day.

She deserves a cavalcade.

Nothing can hold us back.


How could I find

Someone so divine?

Our stars did collide

And shined us with inner light.

Oh how we were colored bright.


Three months later …


If this love is true

There’s only this to do,

We’ll laugh and talk

Under a wedding moon.


I’ll tell her will she be mine

And I, hers tonight.

Together it can’t be denied

The beauty that exist inside.

Our souls intertwined,

Silhouetting heavenly design.


The rest of our lives …


There aren’t any words

To express the happiness

Between two twittering birds

Bypassing lonely existence.


So begins a wonderful new life

Under a sunny and starry sky.

Through rain and rays we’ll try

To live an existence no one can defy.

Our love will go on never to divide.

They’ll say together we do define

What Shakespeare will call, a perfect line.

Txt (SMS)

ur beautiful

n i need u so

wen im w/ u

r 2 hearts glow


wen i txt u

u feel so far

like i liv on

a distnt star


ive got 2 c u

n ths dont wrk

id do n-e-thin

2 brk ths hurt


but ur not here

so i must b contnt

w/ dialog

thru sms (or txt)


You can map the Euphrates on my face

From the tears I’ve allowed to fall

Courses of frailty and helplessness

Make fertile a life of love and splendor


Through this life, the impressions you’ve left

Roots of brotherhood firmly held

As erosion takes a hold of you

It takes me to, but I have you in my heart


There you will continue to grow

Aside tears always inside

And tied to every beat

Is the pain of your death


I can only have hope

Wrought from the ash of sorrow

Inches of sunlight and silver linings

I am glad you are my friend


Though only in my mind I’ll see you again.

Walking Wounded

I’m writing this sitting down

I see your face in my mind

I want—

So frustrated

This is my bed, I made it

Now I have to sleep in it


I’m walking wounded

Breaking stride

Falling soon it

Makes me laugh—no cry

I can’t…


I’m singing to you, you’re not around

All this love in my heart and I find

I’m not—

So heartbroken

Petty and soft spoken

Should have spoke up


I’m walking wounded

Failing stride

Crumbling moon it

Sheds no light

I can’t…


I’m dreaming

In a wounded haze

I’m stumbling

When I reach for your face

Duck, Duck, Duck

I want to be the goose in the game

I want to be part of the chase

Not the one who does, the one who is

But it never ever really works out that way


I chose her the minute I chose to play

I was enchanted by her eyes and pretty face

Maybe I could catch her for a kiss

But it never ever really works out that way


And if I were the goose I’d be sure to stay

Let her catch up and catch my name

Let her dictate the length of the tryst

But it never ever really works out that way

Red Eye

The hour is late or is it early?

I can’t think straight the TV talks to me.

Where are you, where will you be it asks

Me? Am I supposed to answer? Am I

Suppose to know, am I suppose to give a fuck…

Just tell me what to do I’ll do I’ll fly if the sky keeps me

If the sea drinks me I’ll swim if the earth will cover my skin

I’ll sleep… maybe now… forever?

Sounds easy, the end, but late nite speaks and first I need a beginning

And the middle to get to the… end

Takes me back, to what? The clock ticks yes the TV hisses and the mind tears out my eyes

FUCK. the heart pulls me from what I want to do to what I really want to do

And not enough life to do it all. Just a measly quarter kid take it and make a million

But I’ve spent it on some bubble gum and it lost its flavor fast. Can I try again?

Sleep sounds good but it’s just a sound the red eye is a wake up call to say

I’m doing it all wrong or right it makes no judgments.

This path is mine and the time I lose is the consequence

Of what I choose.

The hour is half full or is it early?

The end justifies the means and I wake up tomorrow afternoon

One day closer to the end.