Memento Mori

I held a flower in my hand

The skin of its petal silky soft and damp.

I looked at the ground from where it came

The soil was mud from the morning rain.


Its life is short and so is mine.

I thought of this as I plucked its vine.

I thought of this as I kicked the sand.

Holding that beautiful flower in my hand.


I think of life and its meaning

And I feel its love, I’m seeing.

Ash to ash and dust to dust,

Carpe diem so we must.


If I stood here with flower for years

Lost in thought allied with fears,

I’d see the petals wilt away

And I’d long for those wasted days.


Cherry blossoms chrysanthemums,

The colors of the world all run

Together to create something new.

Together to create the perfect view.


The sun and sea where they meet,

Is life and death for everything.

Memento mori.