Four Shoes Toe to Toe

Grabbing ground with my shoes

Reaping the miles they walk

In search of maybe something new

Of that one endearing talk

And not a blistered tune


And still they just move and tread

In black and pearl and dirt design

Shoelace just worn and frayed to thread

Hang like charted rivers cried

Sourced from one river bed


These soles have souls and simple needs

To search and evade the abstract creeks


Angel shoes, how white, they wait

For the black and pearl and dirt

You move with a silky heavenly gait

Hiding the lonesome hurt

Knowing it may be fate


We find each other past the years

Our shoes can tell their tale

Of angst and frustration and fears

And all that can ever ail

When we search far or near


And when I walk I’ll know where to go

One or many miles close, our four shoes toe to toe