Fluorescent Dreams

The fluorescent figurines

Play out in my dreams

They resemble you and me

In an allergic fantasy


The fear danced across the brick wall

Like flickering shadows

Consisting of teeth in several rows

Ever scared to their depths I fall


Figurines float

Like porcelain ghost

They greet like decaying host

And leave me all alone


My skin saturated in fluorescent frost

Evil incarnations

Invoked by evil imagination

I hang above a sacrilegious mosque


There is neither a ceiling nor a ground

Although I hang I’ve fallen down

The breaths I take scarcely come out

As the noose slowly but surely strangles now


The frost drips as your face flies in front of me

Pictures of angels give me strength

I laugh as I’m given length

And scream as I break the binding


Those that prayed they now flee

Scared their deserved fate is coming

I look for you my fluorescent figurine

And find you shattered and dying


In a fit of rage

Unusual of my temperament

I gain energy through every filament

Their world destroyed I meet an infernal mage


“You’ve tasted the energy now taste it all”

He wanted me to join him for the fall

Of the world to darkness and null

“With me or against” as I backed to the wall


Oh no I think you should be scared

My imagination tells me that you’re there

I’m the only controller of everything evil and fair

So speak to me with regal and care


All at once the mage kneels and fluorescently fades

Fluorescent snow fell like confetti

Cheers for a bittersweet victory

I squeeze out and find myself in a lake I wade


Maybe for miles I swim

Fluorescent bugs and moss crawl against my skin

My hope of finding you alive is wearing thin

But I urge myself on an urge from within


I glide through this lake that has now became an ocean

As waves crash against me I taste the salty fluorescent water

Tidal waves that make my progress falter

I swim this unholy unknown body of sin



To never

Find healthy weather

Your shattered remains go on undiscovered