An Insomniac’s Dream

Sleep? You must be dreaming

He’s never been so awake in life

A summer solstice of insomnia

Walking for a midnight snack

Burning eyes from dawn to down

Obsessive and skewered thought


Tired, dizzy but not at all thought

To fall asleep, too close to dreaming

Dreams so destructively down

To the ideology of his own love life

His mind is her devilish snack

Aggravating a sickening insomnia


A simple and not so sweet insomnia

Plucking at the folds of his thought

A brownie and cold milk snack

Welcoming the relief of dreaming

A melancholy medley of waking life

A harp on fire breaking his soul down


A soul that could only break down

Under the weight of the insufferable insomnia

A sleeping seeping into his waking life

Confusing and hazing his thought—

His love for her—he must be dreaming

A dream where her body is his snack


Beautiful body-face-legs for his snack

Starting from her head and going down

Although he may just be dreaming

She caused/cured his intolerable insomnia

As she invaded his every thought

Choking his synapses, numbing life


She owned his pathetic life

Obsessive—needing of his snack

As this, his only train of thought

The engine of a chest up and down

Screams against a lost insomnia

Screaming against the futility of dreaming


Her eyes, souls of the down

Trodden. Stealing his breath and insomnia

She is the reason he’s dreaming